We are Nurses

Becoming a Registered Nurse was one of the best decisions I ever made to date. This week I will be celebrating another Nurse’s Week and I can tell you first hand, it never gets old to me. I LOVE my profession. I pride myself in the career I have chosen. Not because I think we are better (by no means) BUT because the skills and great knowledge we all possess. It is a honor to love what I do because I know so many do not share that same love. Even on my worst days (and yes Lord, we have bad days) I can still wear my Nurse badge with honor and pride… that’s a lot to say!

We are a profession of true RESILIENCE! We get up every shift, ready to take on whatever comes our way. We are flexible. We are ever-growing. Healthcare continues to change and somehow we are always ahead and ready for the next skill or the next intervention. We continue to give of ourselves without giving a thought to it. We listen to your ailments. We advocate for you behind the scenes, even if that means getting slack from the doctors. We feel your pain. We put ourselves in the shoes of others. We leave our families on holidays just to take care of your family and most of the time, we do it without complaining! We work long hours until our feet hurt, but this is simply a norm to us. We sometimes get over looked as you “thank” others for saving you without knowing, it was the Nurse that first noticed the problem. We are over-protective of you without you even realizing it. We vow to protect you and do no harm. We see you at your worst and still carry on our duties. We celebrate with you when you defeat a disease. We joke with you just to get a smile. We brainstorm on ways to make you happy when life gives you lemons. We fight back tears as we see you cry. We lend our shoulder to all because we understand. We are always thinking what’s in the best interest of you even with handing you a simple pill. We put aside our own problems each day (and we have problems, believe me) to come in to help with yours. When the day has drained us, we still come home to handle the responsibilities of being a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a friend … and although tired, we find it in us to give out more! We take on roles as administration, educators, bedside staff, practitioners, researchers to ensure patient safety, advocacy, and satisfaction is at the forefront. We are more than bedpans and medication passes … To all the Nurses, thank you for all you do! Thank you for your dedication, your resilience and your sacrifices! Happy Nurse’s Week!!


Nurse Reminder

About a month ago I was scrolling Facebook when I came across a post that had the words “Please Scan Your Meds” in capital letters. It was posted in a Nurse group I follow and frequently visit for news, advice or for just great comments from Nurses all over.

The story was about a young Nurse whose trip to an Emergency Room changed her life tremendously due to an medication error from another nurse (story on IG). Usually when I see long Facebook post, I bypass them however this post caught my eye so I began to read. I hung on to every word in amazement from the beginning to end. My eyes started to burn as a tear tried to force its way out mid way through. I remember my mouth falling wide open as I read each sentence again for understanding.”How could this happen” I thought under my breath. . I finished with the words “Oh my God…” I was shocked! The story stayed on my mind all day. How can I help this fellow Nurse? How do I help a person that do not even know I exist? What if that was me? Maybe it was because the unfortunate event happened to a Nurse of all people. Or maybe it’s because I just transferred into my long time goal of being a Emergency Department Nurse. Either way, the story hit me and I felt empowered to help. I wanted to, at the least, brighten the day of this Nurse that unexpectedly got dealt a bad hand. I wanted this woman to know, that she was in my thoughts and that her story motivated me to be more careful as a nurse.

I decided to reach out to this Nurse via Facebook. I introduced myself, thanked her for sharing her story and sincerely asked for her address. Bold move coming from a stranger I know but somehow she trusted me and gave her information. Over a span of 2.5 weeks I was able to make a small gift box to send to her. Thankfully she received it! The motive of this story is

1. As healthcare professionals, please remember the power and skills we have. We have the ability to not only save lives but wreck them as well with one mistake. Always be careful! Check what you are doing and understand each life matters.

2. If you have the ability to change a person’s day, go for it! Never waste an opportunity to do good!

3. Don’t be afraid to do what’s in your heart!

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Keep Karmalized❤️

Dear 16 … From 32

Dear 16 year old self,

There is a whole world waiting for you … don’t be afraid to go get it! Travel the world any opportunity you get. Put your best in everything you do and smile when you’ve accomplished. Take time to breath it in!

Hard times WILL come however better times are always ahead. Don’t stress about things you can not change but focus on those you are in control of. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are still learning and mistakes have the power to be a great teacher of life lessons. That reminds me, Life goes by so fast (believe me!) and YOUR time is something you can’t ever get back. Understand just how valuable the use of time is-Don’t waste it! Today will never be repeated, but you do have tomorrow! You won’t always be this young, embrace it! . There’s more days of being an adult then there are being young. Don’t rush it! Adulting is not forgiving!

There’s a time that will come that you will fall in love. It’s ok! Live in that moment, Love is meant to be beautiful! There will also be a time you will hurt, learn to forgive and NEVER allow your feelings to take you out of character. Every action comes with a reaction. YOU are meant to be a Queen , NEVER remove your crown!NEVER let anything stop you from your dreams. If it’s love, it will be patient. It will always support and have your best interest in mind. Never settle for less no matter how handsome the reward may look. Again, remember You are a QUEEN! Any man would be lucky just to gaze in your eyes. With that being said baby girl, every person is not meant to take your treasure. Be choicey in who you allow in and don’t be afraid to let those that don’t ADD to you OUT!! Your sex is sacred. Your body is a temple! Your love is irreplaceable.

Be good to those around you. Treat people as you would want to be treated. Don’t be the reason for a person’s hurt tears! Always aim to be good! Hold dear to your values, never waiver even in the face of adversity. Be strong. Dare to Be different. Know your value! Allow others to see your AUTHENTIC self and fall in love with who GOD made you to be, not a copy. You are the prototype!

Hold your friends close and your family closer. Never miss an opportunity to spend time with the ones you love for we never know our last breath. Don’t get so caught up in life that you forget the circle of people God gifted to you. Laugh! Laugh as much as you can. There will be days you want to cry, its ok to not be OK. But after those tears dry, LAUGH uncontrollably  for it is good for the soul.

Always always listen to yourself and trust you know yourself better than anyone else. Additionally, listen to older adults at times, remember they may have been through the path already.

Most importantly, put GOD first! Don’t leave your faith behind even when things are going good. Your faith is valuable and apart of who and what you are! Make this world yours babygirl, Don’t be afraid to experience it! Be proud of yourself, you will do fine!

Sincerely ,

Your 32-year old self



Fear. Fear is something that we all have faced at least once in our life. Whether it is fear of spiders or death or maybe just the fear of the unknown, we all have been there. Fear can make us stronger or tear us down. Fear can push us pass our own limit or make us retreat to our own comfort zone. Fear can be overwhelming to some while causing motivation in others. Fear is something that is not ‘one size fits all’. Everyone handles fear differently depending on various factors- knowledge, maturity, past circumstances, future planning, just to name a few. Fear may have you reluctant to apply to a certain job or program because of past rejection or failure. Fear can have you hesitant to leave a certain situation because of the unknown ahead of you. Fear can have you slow to make an important decision because the weight the outcome may carry.

As we move through this life, Fear is inevitable. It’s a natural response given to all of us to prepare for danger. We can not control what we fear BUT we can most definitely control how we handle it. Will it be fear that will hold you from that promotion OR will you turn it into pure energy so that you can go get that blessing? Don’t allow fear of anyone or anything dictate what you want and what you deserve! Fear has no place in a person when it’s time to grow. Don’t let fear stunt your growth and keep you in a state of contentment. Life isn’t meant to be feared BUT BE LIVED! Allowing fear to live is the same as not trusting yourself or your Higher Power. Trust yourself. You know YOU better than anyone else. Break up with fearing the unknown and allow yourself to experience what life has for you! Note to myself as well!!

Happy Tuesday! Now go get what you deserve! #NoFear #KeepKarmalized

View change

Yesterday as I was driving into work and one of my favorite songs came on. This was not just some song.., Oh no! THIS was a song that I felt was written just for me and the person I am. It was only right to blast it as loud as possible and sing every word like no one was listening. Hitting all the high notes just right and even adding some ad-libs. Thankfully, I was in the privacy of my own car because I can promise you I had pitch problems every where. The song I speak of is by a talented artist named Estelle entitled ‘ Conquerer’. When you get a chance, look it up and listen to the words if you have not already (web link below). It is a song of strength, confidence and determination that just rings “Aye girl, you got this” every time I hear it.I had all the hand motions, neck rolling, finger pointing animations you could possibly think of as the car next to me stared. I was ok with granting ONE audience member a pass to my noon car-performance. I got out the car feeling good. I felt I could conquer my day and whatever bumps I would experience. I felt empowered. I am not sure if the song alone brought on this attitude or if it was also the universe giving me what I sought after for the last five days. Whatever it was, I can truly say I felt filled.

That’s exactly what happens when you open yourself up mentally and spiritually to hear what your higher power (My God) has for you. It has been non-stop signs that confirm the direction I am being pushed to go. From new contacts to being surrounded with positive energy and affirmation all around. How is it when we truthfully seek and remain open to receive, IT comes from all directions? When we allow time to just STOP our minds, focus on what it is we want or need and allow the spirit to lead us, it’s amazing! I’ve always been told to be open but I could never understand just exactly what it meant. That is UNTIL I CHANGED my thinking , my state of mind, the direction I wanted my mind to go. You think positive-you get positive. You think open -you get answers. You think focus and …bam! There it goes! What we seek, is most likely in front of us. All we have to do is listen.

Honest moment- I have recently learned the art of truly being STILL! To stop trying to MAKE things happen. This is easier said than done when you’re an Alpha female with strong determination skills. You tend to tell GOD and everybody else how things are going down. I had to learn to sit down, shut up, open my mind and soul and BE IN THE MOMENT. At times we are so caught up in our own life, with our own mess that we self consciously dismiss whatever energy that is trying to reach us and lead us. We ignore what’s right in front of our face and continue along the same path we started -still confused as before! It’s not until we change our view and trust our higher power that we can see things a bit clearer than the previous day or moment. As I continue to learn and practice, I challenge you today to do the same. Open yourself up to possibilities. Don’t limit yourself! Change your view. You want happiness- think happiness. You need affirmation- think and be open for affirmation. It’s there!

Keep Karmalized ❤️

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Valentine ideas for my Lovers

heartFour more days until Valentine’s Day or as some may scream, Single Awareness Day. Regardless of who or how you plan to celebrate your day, I am here to help you make the most out the 24 hour period. This post is for my lovers… Hello Loves, this post is all for you! These tips can be for men or women. I like thinking outside the box and going against the “norm” so I hope you enjoy some of my ideas. I have a post coming for the singles as well…. stay tuned!

1. Breakfast in the morning in bed. Yes, I said this… I am not a morning person and if your loved one knows that fact about you, they will appreciate your effort of getting up before them to cook ( or go get) breakfast for them. If your love works nights, have it ready for them when they get home!

2. Warm up your lovie’s car for them while they get ready for work. Make it really special by having their mug filled with coffee and placed in the beverage holder. Morning run to Starbucks please! ( Women, you can do this for your man 🙂

3. Start a scavenger hunt. Use post-it or notecards and place them places where your love will see them. This may take a two days of planning but I promise it is a big hit! Places can include bathroom, office, cars, parking space, desk, under mats ect… End it with a dinner

4. Hire a personal chef to cook Valentine’s Dinner or maybe a great friend with great cooking skills. Make the occasion dressy, even though you are home. Escape the dull “out to eat” idea with the crowd.

5. Double date with an older couple.YES, double date! Ask them ways they made their relationship last and get them to talk about “ol love stories”. Spend a couple of hours giving but also receiving helpful tips for your relationship

6. Flowers or Edible arrangements hand delivered by you. Surprise your hardworking mate!

7. Make a basket that contains his/her favorite things. This can include: fave candy, fave team, fave perfume/cologne, fave lip gloss, fave beer/liquor, fave snack, fave store gift card, fave pictures, fave electronic, ect… You get the idea. I say include at least 4 favorite things.

8. Write a note of “appreciation” and place in an unexpected spot.

9. Turn your room into a massage parlor and give your mate a 30-45min full body massage. I rather not know the ending to that idea but hopefully its a great one!

10. Rent a fondue machine! Buy some favorite fruits and veggies and make fondue together. Romantic!

11. For the remaining of the week, send flowers or gifts to your love either at office or have at home leading up to the day. Never too late or too early to start.

12. Repair something for your love that he or she have been needing done. Remember some people love “acts of service” and not just gifts.

13. Make a bag/box filled with words that describe your love and things you love/like about them. To make it special, include future plans and ideas.

14. Make a coupon book. Notice I said “make”! Include acts such as: “10 min massage, sunday car wash, cooked dinner Wednesday, laundry day on you” and more. If you make it, definitely honor the coupons lol

15. Ready to take the next stop?? Get a house key made for your love and wrap it in a box. Avoid a ring sized box lol

16. Are you a mother or father? Offer to babysit the kid(s) and allow your mate to go out with friends or even a couple of hours of me-time (spa, nail salon, mall…)

17. Groupon is a life-saver! Check Groupon for great ideas near you. Such ideas include pottery classes, painting classes, mystery dinner, ect… I love mystery dinners!

18. If you are a talented or creative soul, use your talent especially for your love. Create a song for them, paint a picture, sing a song, write a poem…

19. Big Spender? Book a night at a fancy hotel close by and plan a night of romance. Same city but different angle! You do not have to go out-of-town to enjoy a daycation.

20. Together, you and your love can put together a vision board for each other over wine. Perfect way to plan your future together and get tipsy at the same time. Let the good times roll!

21. Cook a nice dinner or dessert together from SCRATCH. Baking cookies or cupcakes are always my favorite. Dont be afraid to get messy with each other…make it fun! Pinterest is a great place to get a variety of recipes to help you in your process.

*** 22. Out of town for the holiday? No worries, pay for a spa day (women) or two tix to a Bball game (men) for your honey and their friend. They can still enjoy a relaxing or fun filled day without your physical presence.

Gifts, flowers and candy are always great ideas however, things that touch the heart and naturally makes a person secure in their relationship and love are always better. Try something different this year and if you have suggestions, feel free to email them to me at: kindlykarmalized@gmail.com or tag/hashtag on twitter and/or instagram.


Thank you Mom!

For a week straight I thought heavily of my mother. I realized just how minimum I see and spend time with her despite staying in the same city. I thought of all the sacrifices she had made for my sister and I and how hard she works each day to be a strong woman in faith and in her family. Although we don’t see eye to eye each and every day, my mother has always been a big supporter of my dreams. Even when my dreams made her worry, she allowed me to make my own path, trusted in my decision, prayed for my journey and allowed me to live my life. Aside from the small worries of motherhood, she has always allowed me to “fly”. Thankfully, I have never let her down.

Last week it came to me to show her a random act of appreciation. I went to her home while she was at work, wrote a note expressing my gratitude and just how proud I am of her. My mother loves to eat out so I left her $20 so she could get lunch before work. I left it on her bed and went to work. About four hours later, I received a text stating she loved it and it made her cry. My heart jumped! Not due to fear but because I was so happy to have made her night.

It’s so essential to tell the people we love and cherish just how much they mean to us, especially our parents! Too many times we wait to sing praises at a gravesite when we had all the time to tell that person how we feel. Do not forget how lucky you are to have parents! Unfortunately there are those that can not say the same!!

I challenge you this week to express your gratitude and love to your parents. If you do not have this, express your love and gratitude to someone that you look up to! They won’t forget it and will feel so appreciated! Flowers, cards, simple notes, favorite book, simple gifts are all welcomed!

Now go get KARMAlized! Tag your idea on my twitter or Instagram by using #kindlykarmalized. Enjoy!

What am I doing?

Everyone has a purpose in life whether you are aware of yours or not. Everyone has a calling that either shows from day one of you entering this life or becomes evident after a period of struggle. Some live their purpose driven life with no hesitation while others continue to fight it day-to-day. My passion to impact the lives of others through kindness and love have always been a personal preference, my strength! However, the battle I have tried to fight with it ended years ago. I was once asked, in a group setting, “what I was great at”. While others replied painting, fashion, cooking, poetry, I replied “loving”. The embarrassment of my reply was evident in my red face from the awkward stares I receive afterwards. I’m pretty sure I wanted to hide under a huge rock. Since then I have tried to look deep within myself and find what moves me, what makes my heartbeat. The answer is just doing great things for people. Simple! I am a Nurse and my profession allows me to do this each day. Ofcourse not every day is a day of love, devotion and kindness however, I am beyond happy to be among people who continue to give of themselves each day with no reward in mind. I am in love with being a Nurse!

Kindly KARMAlized came about after a night of thinking on how I can impact the world. unfortunately I am not a big star or a powerful being of the world but I do have a huge heart. I wanted a way to broadcast “kind deeds” of myself and others to influence more kindness in a world filled with hatred, racism, greed, and unfairness. I feel everyone has a little kindness in them and simply putting positive vibes in the atmosphere can influence another person’s day ( Yes I am one of those people who believe in the universe lol). You NEVER know what a person is going through and how much a kind word or simple gesture can help a person’s day go better or easier. It is too many times we get caught up in our own lives that we fail to see some one else going through worst and crying out for help. Instead of ignoring them, I challenge you to take a look at your blessings and how you can help. No, I am not asking for anyone to take on the world. BUT, I am asking to do one gesture of kindness a day. If your gesture is holding a door for 5 people today, I’m sure that person will appreciate it and continue the process.

For this site, I will be posting ideas of gestures and challenge individuals to do one gesture a day. I will talk about things I am doing or have done in hopes to influence someone else. I will also put the spotlight on those in my community that have made a major impact in a life. I am so ready to get KARMAlized… Hope you are too!