Thank you Mom!

For a week straight I thought heavily of my mother. I realized just how minimum I see and spend time with her despite staying in the same city. I thought of all the sacrifices she had made for my sister and I and how hard she works each day to be a strong woman in faith and in her family. Although we don’t see eye to eye each and every day, my mother has always been a big supporter of my dreams. Even when my dreams made her worry, she allowed me to make my own path, trusted in my decision, prayed for my journey and allowed me to live my life. Aside from the small worries of motherhood, she has always allowed me to “fly”. Thankfully, I have never let her down.

Last week it came to me to show her a random act of appreciation. I went to her home while she was at work, wrote a note expressing my gratitude and just how proud I am of her. My mother loves to eat out so I left her $20 so she could get lunch before work. I left it on her bed and went to work. About four hours later, I received a text stating she loved it and it made her cry. My heart jumped! Not due to fear but because I was so happy to have made her night.

It’s so essential to tell the people we love and cherish just how much they mean to us, especially our parents! Too many times we wait to sing praises at a gravesite when we had all the time to tell that person how we feel. Do not forget how lucky you are to have parents! Unfortunately there are those that can not say the same!!

I challenge you this week to express your gratitude and love to your parents. If you do not have this, express your love and gratitude to someone that you look up to! They won’t forget it and will feel so appreciated! Flowers, cards, simple notes, favorite book, simple gifts are all welcomed!

Now go get KARMAlized! Tag your idea on my twitter or Instagram by using #kindlykarmalized. Enjoy!


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