Fear. Fear is something that we all have faced at least once in our life. Whether it is fear of spiders or death or maybe just the fear of the unknown, we all have been there. Fear can make us stronger or tear us down. Fear can push us pass our own limit or make us retreat to our own comfort zone. Fear can be overwhelming to some while causing motivation in others. Fear is something that is not ‘one size fits all’. Everyone handles fear differently depending on various factors- knowledge, maturity, past circumstances, future planning, just to name a few. Fear may have you reluctant to apply to a certain job or program because of past rejection or failure. Fear can have you hesitant to leave a certain situation because of the unknown ahead of you. Fear can have you slow to make an important decision because the weight the outcome may carry.

As we move through this life, Fear is inevitable. It’s a natural response given to all of us to prepare for danger. We can not control what we fear BUT we can most definitely control how we handle it. Will it be fear that will hold you from that promotion OR will you turn it into pure energy so that you can go get that blessing? Don’t allow fear of anyone or anything dictate what you want and what you deserve! Fear has no place in a person when it’s time to grow. Don’t let fear stunt your growth and keep you in a state of contentment. Life isn’t meant to be feared BUT BE LIVED! Allowing fear to live is the same as not trusting yourself or your Higher Power. Trust yourself. You know YOU better than anyone else. Break up with fearing the unknown and allow yourself to experience what life has for you! Note to myself as well!!

Happy Tuesday! Now go get what you deserve! #NoFear #KeepKarmalized


2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Elona says:

    Great Post!!! I’ve lived in fear plenty of times in the past. But, Living in Fear can keep you from your blessing! It’s natural to be scared or uncertain about things. But, we (as men and women of Christ) have to realize that fear does not live in GOD. And, we serve a God that covers whatever we lack. So, there is no need to fallback or run away. We have to go forward knowing that if God is for us, then who can be against us.

    Joyce Meyer said “When Fear comes knocking at your door, send Faith to answer.”

    Continue to Shine Light every where you go!! And, Keep the Posts Coming!!


  2. The Rx says:

    Amazing post. For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of peace, Love and of sound mind. Fear is a mind killer. This post is right on time for me. Fear is an evil that disintegrates us from the inside out, we must learn to face it and control it. Inspiring post from and inspiring person. Thanks kindleykarmalized.

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