100 Proof

As you move forward today , THINK about your worth and what you deserve. God never intended for you and I to be depressed, sad or stressed. However, God allows each and every one of us to make those decisions. You are worth more than what you think. NEVER allow a person or even an idea to dilute your worth. You are not meant to be watered down whether it be your personality or your desires. BE WHO GOD intended you to be. So what if people can not handle it.., it’s ok. They aren’t meant to be included in your plan. I would rather live out loud then to keep myself bundled in silence. As long as you are staying true to yourself and the Almighty, those that are meant for you will be attracted by you. There is no need to be less than to make another person happy. Their happiness should never be your reason to live. In fact, MAN should never solely be the light to your path or the smile you put on your face. A person’s insecurity should never be YOUR problem. That is solely their battle to fight. Your position should be to support and pray. Every battle and situation does not have your name on it. Sometimes just staying TRUE to yourself is your only position. If you are in a friendship or relationship that requires you to be diluted, ask yourself … is it worth it? Is it worth it to hide who you are? Move forward and live your truth! Make it #MagicMonday !


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