Kindly Karmalized was first created in 2014 by a Registered Nurse as a road to get away from a chaotic world and move towards a world where kindness could live. After being inspired by the sight of critically ill patients becoming excited by just a random act of kindness, this Nurse started to create the idea that everyone should feel the joy of true unencumbered kindness randomly in their lives. The thought is the joy a act of kindness could provide could somehow start the energy of continuing it to others. Without knowing the exact direction of her vision, this Nurse decided to create a place where ideas could be shared and where “random acts of kindness” could be shown. With writing being her first love, she decided to create a blog where kindness, love, support and inspiration could all come together. A place with a catchy name that incorporated the idea of kindness but also the idea of giving and receiving. After much thought … KINDLY KARMALIZED was created!

Why the name you ask?

Well what better way to incorporate the belief of karma – the law of cause and effect- and the thought of kindness together then adding a little CAREmel on it! KINDly KARMAlized…


Although there was a period where Kindly Karmalized disappeared and inspiration had to be restarted, the GOAL of Kindly Karmalized is bigger and deeper than ever… Goals include:

  • Continue to produce random acts of kindness among people
  • Incorporate events/summits that promote positive energy, positive thoughts and inspiration to all
  • Spotlight leaders in different careers with different thoughts/beliefs to encourage a forum of support for those in agreeance with a positive movement
  • Bring men and women of different ages and experiences together in one place to exchange ideas, feelings, experiences and knowledge
  • Post various topics and thoughts to encourage the exchange of ideas and aspects


It is the personal belief that WE are all fighting a similar battle that either we freely admit to or try to hide from others. As we pass through this life, there are times where we feel in-tune with who we are and where we are going.  We are happy and unbothered. Other times we are in search of inspiration, a little kindness, a little love and understanding or just a sign that someone or something cares. In a world full of hate, rudeness, judgement and rage we can forget how to be GOOD to ourselves and to others. We get so self-absorbed that our focus can become greed and we become numb to the feelings and desires of others around us, including the ones we love. We forget the need for more love and kindness to pull down life’s scale. One act of kindness can mean the WORLD to someone no matter how small. If we could change the way a person thinks by a simple act, why not choose kindness? Why not pour into someone’s day? Remember it could always be you on the receiving end. Give the universe a bit of kindness – We are in THIS together- Keep Karmalized!


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