Care Package for my sick

Life. One thing we have absolutely no control over but have the ability to control what we do in it. Life is the journey into the unknown. Where one minute you have things figured out. You have plans, you are content and you are settled into a routine. With a blink of an eye, all of what was yesterday can change today. How crazy is that truth?

Well… recently a family member of mine have been going through a lot health-wise. From heart issues to stomach problems and now the threat of cancer. It has been an up-down ride on life’s roller coaster for this person and family. Every day I pray for the people in my life as well as myself. I pray for happiness, love, protection and now healing. I am believer of holistic care. Taking care of the mind and spirit can in return play apart on your health. Just as stress can have you physically feeling bad, your mind and spirit can do the same. I never want anyone especially those close to me to “give up” on life or become negative through their health circumstance. Although my family member has such a positive outlook and strong faith, I wanted to make sure I kept that momentum going. So I decided to put together something that would pick their spirits up and show them they are in my thoughts, heart and incredibly loved.

To act on this idea, I decided to put together a care package for them! Although I can not be there 24/7 due to distance, I wanted to show my love and support another way.
In my care package, I put together things they would like as well as things I thought would make them happy and comfortable.

This included: a comfy neck pillow, eye shade mask, Werther’s Original candy, peppermint gum, 2 lightly scented candles, faith plaque, Kleenex, a man kit (deodorant, shaver, shaving cream, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush), a tote bag and a card. In the card I made sure to express my feelings of how much they meant to me and how I am there for whatever is needed. As I put this package together, I could not help but get emotional. Not because I was sad but happy that I am in a place to bring happiness to someone that have always been there for me and showed me nothing but support and love. This package may have been small but it came with all my thoughts, prayers, support and love. I was so content in knowing they would be so surprised to receive a big brown box at their doorstep in less than 2 day. WIN!!

I would definitely love to put together more boxes like this but also challenge each of you to do the same if someone close to you is going through a health breakdown. Feel free to contact me for more ideas of items to include or if you would like for me to send something to someone. Email me: or just reply to this blog! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram @kindlykarmalized

Yours Truly!


Are you nice to yourself?

Happy Friday everyone!! I have to admit that I have been beyond busy the last two weeks. In transitioning to not only a new hospital but a new role in Nursing ( med/surg to critical care…YAYYY!! ), my schedule has been a little challenging. Nevertheless, I am so happy, eager and ready to learn all I need to know in order to be a great Nurse to my critical patients.

Ironically for the last 2.5 weeks, I have been pounded with the message of not being “too hard on yourself and loving yourself”. I am known for being too hard on myself in situations, not because I think less than highly of myself but because I strive for the best and always want to be #1. I am the first to admit, I can be competitive at times! When I don’t reach a certain goal or obtain a certain reward, I think of things I could have done better and beat myself up. The older I get, the more I see this as a flaw in myself.
So, in orientation 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the director of pastoral services at my new hospital that gave a great speech about being good to others as well as ourselves. He talked about how we have millions of thoughts daily and majority of them are negative thoughts against ourselves. He gave examples of how when we first wake up and look in the mirror we say to ourselves “Boy,do you look a mess”. Then it continues to “I look fat in this outfit” and “I’m running late, how could I have been so dumb to oversleep”. When you really think about all the things we say to ourselves, we can be unkind at times. Not intentionally but we are our worse critics. If someone states they have Never done any of this, I would probably be concerned.

He gave us an exercise to do where he held one participant’s arm out and started pushing down on his arm. Of course the person was strong and able to push back with ease. Then he told the person to repeat “I am weak,I am weak” 30 times in which the person did. After the negative repetition, he tried again to push his arm and crazy enough, he was unable to push back as strong as before. Such a simple exercise showed just how thoughtful I can be to others but how mean we can be to ourselves. Of course, we all have times where we praise ourselves internally and externally but for the most part on a daily basis we can constantly find things wrong with ourselves without even realizing it. YES, I am guilty of this! If perfect was possible, I would be in the running for it! He then talked about just doing simple things to others by saying “hello” when you pass a person or giving a smile to a person walking towards you. How many times have we avoided a look from a person by looking down on our cellphones in order to not speak. Lets all admit our guilt! You never know how a person could yearn for just a smile!
I internally thanked the presenter for sharing such great words and exercise and wanted to personally thank him however just as fast as he came in, he left before I could break out. I plan to look up his name in our company directory and send a anonymous “thank you” card soon!

With all that you have read, I have decided to do two things. One of these things is something I usually do but have not had the chance. I usually post positive messages in my bathroom for myself and place them on my mirror. Unfortunately, since I have moved into my place a couple months ago, I have failed to post anything. I will definitely do this, this weekend.
My FIRST challenge to you is …. POST something good and positive about yourself as we reminder. Whether on a refrigerator, in a closet, in your bathroom mirror, or somewhere secure like in a book or work bag. It could be anything from ” I am beautiful and loved by many” or “I am Awesome and beyond blessed!”. Whatever works for you, make it work!!

Second challenge , do something for yourself! Whether it is buying a new outfit, getting a manicure/pedicure combo ( my favorite), taking yourself out to dinner or something inexpensive like making a bubble bath and relaxing. As long as you schedule out a moment and do something for yourself in the next couple of days. No one can love you better than YOU!

Enjoy the challenge and I will post my own a long with another challenge I have coming soon. Remember to follow my Instagram for updates!
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Food and confusion but thanks…

On last weekend, my family and I attended my little cousin’s graduation back home and decided to go to Cheddars restaurant to eat. Can I just stick a little advertisement in for Cheddars really quick … Great place to get good but affordable food!! Try the bourbon glazed salmon and thank me later!!

Back to the blog: it was 19 of us … yes a party of 19 ready to eat at this great spot! From yelling kids to indecisive adults, I’m sure our waitress was ready to go. To make matters worse, we had different checks with different people on the checks ( we tried to make it easier by doing so and it failed!). She was confused and frustrated but never for a second got an attitude or gave up. A great waitress she was!! When she fixed her mouth to apologize for the confusion, we all stated it was no need and thanked her for her patience and kindness!! In the end I decided to leave her a note and we all left a great 20% tip per check since gratuity was not added.

I tell this story to simply encourage you to never forget those in the food industry and treat them good! It’s hard putting up with people and their attitudes especially when food and money is involved! I use to be a server myself and had the privilege of dealing with some pretty rude people! It’s not the TOP career people choose however when you get a good waiter, waitress, bartender, server or host/hostess; encourage them, thank them and most important tip them good!! Remember “tips” contribute to some of their livelihood.
Now if you have a bad server, waiter, waitress, bartender; use your own judgement! I am all about kindness but awarding rudeness I am not lol …

Be good to those in customer service, it’s a hard job!! Happy Friday my loves!!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!! May you be blessed and surrounded by love today, tomorrow and forever!!

I am not a mother yet but a mother’s love is something that can never be replaced or copied. I am 28 years old and just when I think I have everything figured out, I find myself running back into her arms and needed her comfort! I can only imagine how scary but rewarding it is to raise a child. I hope one day I’m able to be a great mother as my mother and grandmother have been to me!! I’m thankful to have both actively in my life!

Don’t forget to tell your mother… a mother … that they are appreciated, loved and makes a difference!!

Keep Karmalized loves!!

Half way there… 10 Days Of Happiness!

Good early morning!! We are halfway finish with the ” 10 Days of Happiness” challenge. I can honestly say that pointing out things that makes me happy have given me a moment to take in a smile or two and a appreciation of all I have. It’s such a breath of fresh sir!! I’m thankful I decided to do this!!! I have a couple people just jumping on to the challenge. With that said, I will be going as long as it takes for everyone to finish. I have also been thinking about extending it to “30 days of happiness”. I truly needed this … I feel all of us need it! Every day will not be the greatest but we can always appreciate a moment of happiness!
Simplicity to say the least …

I hope everyone continues to take it in and help with this challenge. Some of my closest friends and sorority sisters have started and EACH time I see a post, I smile!! Thanks for the support and love people!! Let’s finish the challenge out strong!!

#keepkarmalized 🙂

10 Days of happiness… Can you be happy for 10 days??

By now you all should know I do some of my best thinking late night/early mornings. So at approximately 4:49a, I’m wide eyed, thoughts flowing and ready to bring it!

I recently heard about a project going on called “100 days of happiness”. A couple people I know on Instagram decided to participate and have been doing a great job at posting things that makes them happy. Not exactly sure when it started but I did see that a day in March was allocated as “Happiness Day”. How nice!! … So looking through pictures and reading, I thought how cool it would be to do my own thing. My own “happiness project”

With the past couple weeks being challenging, I’m always up for a great challenge!! Im ALWAYS down for anything to relieve stress, smile more, laugh loudly and make you forget life’s little hiccups. Sooooo I decided to challenge myself to “10 days of happiness” !!! We all can forget how simple it can be to have happiness in a chaotic world. Not only do we forget to be kind (as I preach) but we can also forget how great it feels to genuinely be happy. We forget how a funny joke or convo can turn a frown to a smile or just how something as simple as an “Oreo milkshake with extra extra Oreos” can make our night that much better (Yes that was very specific but at least you know one thing that makes me happy lol).

With that being said, I will be doing my own “10 days of happiness”. I urge whoever reading to take a moment each day for 10 days and do something that makes you happy regardless how small. Post them to your IG and @me at @kindlykarmalized so I can see. I may feature your post 🙂 … I know we are ALL busy but let’s do something as simple as this … I will definitely be posting my “simple things” to my IG account so please follow and support!!

Thank you all in advance. Let’s post “10 days of happiness”. Start date: Today, May 5, 2014 aka Cinco De Mayo, how convenient!! Let’s goo!!

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#keepkarmalized #10DaysOfHappiness

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It’s a LOVE thing…

Another late night – early morning post!! Good Morning to my Karmalized loves!! I felt compelled today to write this post based on numerous conversations I have had with
friends as well as my own struggle over these past couple of weeks (or more). As we grow, mature and develop into our purpose, the one thing that seems to remain constant is the desire to love or be loved. Love is an amazing thing. Love started us. Love placed us all here today. I have had the amazing privilege of finding love, falling in love and losing love; through all of my journey , I am happy to have experienced such beauty. Of course the hurt did not feel good however, I have met some that have never even felt the phenomenon. They have never been in love nor felt love. That fact alone hurts me even more! Never ? Ouch!

Regardless of your current love status, always remember no one can love you better than yourself. You can’t possibly give love if you don’t know anything about how to love YOU first. Love starts inside of YOU! Mankind makes mistakes and investing all your happiness, power and security in man can sure fail your expectations. We Are Only Human! Take it from someone who has been there and lost! Understanding and accepting your beauty and purely loving who you are is a “must” before seeking that love from others.

I encourage giving and loving so much because I truly feel unselfish limitless love is so beautiful. You don’t experience that type of gift everyday. Especially in a society where love can be so temporary, so hurtful and so misunderstood. The days of our grandparent’s love seems to be over and moving towards a new meaning. A meaning I’m still trying to figure out … How scary ?! But so true! The rare image of true and tried love is hard to find BUT not impossible!! I am a believer in prayer but also being good to yourself and others. Treat YOUrself good!!

What you put out is what you receive. Call me crazy but that’s my belief. It seemed when I use to be depressed and negative, that’s all I was surrounded with and received. Once I changed my thinking, my prospective changed.

Now…. I’m no expert in love! I am pretty sure Love has it’s own lessons he is eager to teach me. However, what I do know is my worthiness for devotion and unaltered love. Whether single or getting married, always know your worth and the worth of your partner. Treat yourself and others good! Even when it is not reciprocated, understand love can conquer! You get what you put in!! Treat others as if you would like to be treated (don’t you just love that kindergarten motto lol) !

I challenge you all to continue to be kind and spread love. Whether to your spouse, mate, friends or family, everyone deserves to see love put into action! So put IT into action!


Words of Recognition /Encouragement… Give it up!

Early morning thoughts!! I woke up at 3:12am with absolutely no reason to the madness. No after midnight snack was desired or a visit to the bathroom was warranted. I just woke up with thoughts of encouragement and recognition running through my mind. I found it necessary to pray about my upcoming interview at 9:00 am today BUT to also think hard about how far “words of encouragement” can go. Guess you can say it was placed on my heart by the Almighty!!

Call this a random posting but when something is on my heart, I’ve learn to share it. Each day we move forward, going about our day just to get to the next. We work hard. We encounter small successes. We do things others have no knowledge of. How great would it be just to receive a message of encouragement and recognition from someone?! To understand that someone can see your struggle and appreciates your hard work.

As a nurse, I do not think my friends or family know the half of what I (We) go through nightly with patients. From lifting heavy bodies – to consoling a sick soul -to watching death creep to the bedside- or the mistreatment of doctors. At times I wish someone would say “Great job, your efforts are not going unnoticed” after a hard night. I’m sure some of us can relate on a different spectrum! Heck, you work hard, right?!

You just never know what someone is going through and just how much your words really mean to them! Today… Send recognition to your friends, associates, family, classmates! Give verbal recognition to a colleague or even your significant other. You never know just how much someone is yearning for a “I’m proud of you” or “Keep up the great work” or “You’re Awesome at what you do and I appreciate you”. Today I challenge you to send or speak these words to someone today! It takes a minute but I can promise the other person will appreciate it! Today , I will be taking on this task today …. I hope you are willing to join me as well!!

Keep up the great work my Karmalized loves! Thank you for supporting me and having my back. You are soo appreciated!!

His Birthday Wish …

Last Monday I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my closest male friend’s birthday. We did not go to a fancy dinner or spend money on a party. His wish for his birthday was simple… he wanted to volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte NC located on Spratt Street. As surprising as this may have been to some, I was not surprised at all. He holds a heart of gold and is ALWAYS willing to help others whether physically or emotionally.

On Monday April 7th those that were available poured into the building as it poured fiercely outside between 745a- 830a. We dedicated 4 hours to separating toiletries and wrapping opened items donated by a local Wal-Mart in Charlotte. We laughed, we played music, we talked but mostly we all gave a helping hand to a cause a lot of us knew little about before then. In the end, it was explained to us just how much giving a little of our time helped items get packaged and shipped to those that lack basic needs as toilet paper, cooking wrap, paper towels, plastic utensils and some diapers. Their goal to end hunger is extended by the distribution of grocery items to charitable events. Of course they have employees but volunteers help so much more!

Xavion’s desire to give back for his birthday landed him on this month’s spotlight!! Very proud of the man he is and had so much fun volunteering my time on Monday.

I can’t forget to add that afterwards we all rewarded our work by hitting the nearest diner for a birthday breakfast! Thank you Xavion for all you do!!! Happy Birthday to you and Way To Go!!

March Spotlight: The Courseaults

It’s March and this month’s highlight goes to some people that are near and dear to my heart, The Courseaults!! I first met Brittany Courseault in 2004 during dance tryouts at our college and later strengthened our relationship in 2007 as we entered into the wonderful sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha! Needless to say, she has been my creative and sensible, bossy yet beyond caring sister ever since! She married her high school sweetie, Jason, in the summer of 2012. Their union has been an inspiration and true testament of love, support, and strength!

Last night, I was so happy when she told me that along with her brilliant husband, they put together blessing bags to be handed out to those that were homeless in town. Such an AMAZING idea!! In the bag they included: lotion, wipes, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap, deodorant, and snacks along with a bottled water. To top it off, they hand wrote a small scripture on the front of the bag. My eyes burned with tears when I saw this and was instantly overjoyed! This couple, who are celebrating Mardi Gras presently in Louisiana took time out their schedules to make and hand out these bags to those who are less fortunate. This idea is definitely one I will be doing this month.

Thank you Courseaults for not only our MONTH challenge BUT our FIRST ever challenge!
We have about 25 days this month to complete the challenge!! Team up, make those blessing bags and let’s get Kindly Karmalized!!!

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