Words of Recognition /Encouragement… Give it up!

Early morning thoughts!! I woke up at 3:12am with absolutely no reason to the madness. No after midnight snack was desired or a visit to the bathroom was warranted. I just woke up with thoughts of encouragement and recognition running through my mind. I found it necessary to pray about my upcoming interview at 9:00 am today BUT to also think hard about how far “words of encouragement” can go. Guess you can say it was placed on my heart by the Almighty!!

Call this a random posting but when something is on my heart, I’ve learn to share it. Each day we move forward, going about our day just to get to the next. We work hard. We encounter small successes. We do things others have no knowledge of. How great would it be just to receive a message of encouragement and recognition from someone?! To understand that someone can see your struggle and appreciates your hard work.

As a nurse, I do not think my friends or family know the half of what I (We) go through nightly with patients. From lifting heavy bodies – to consoling a sick soul -to watching death creep to the bedside- or the mistreatment of doctors. At times I wish someone would say “Great job, your efforts are not going unnoticed” after a hard night. I’m sure some of us can relate on a different spectrum! Heck, you work hard, right?!

You just never know what someone is going through and just how much your words really mean to them! Today… Send recognition to your friends, associates, family, classmates! Give verbal recognition to a colleague or even your significant other. You never know just how much someone is yearning for a “I’m proud of you” or “Keep up the great work” or “You’re Awesome at what you do and I appreciate you”. Today I challenge you to send or speak these words to someone today! It takes a minute but I can promise the other person will appreciate it! Today , I will be taking on this task today …. I hope you are willing to join me as well!!

Keep up the great work my Karmalized loves! Thank you for supporting me and having my back. You are soo appreciated!!


2 thoughts on “Words of Recognition /Encouragement… Give it up!

  1. C. Rhodes says:

    This is a great post! We definitely have to continue to encourage each other and give honor and credit where it is due!

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