Food and confusion but thanks…

On last weekend, my family and I attended my little cousin’s graduation back home and decided to go to Cheddars restaurant to eat. Can I just stick a little advertisement in for Cheddars really quick … Great place to get good but affordable food!! Try the bourbon glazed salmon and thank me later!!

Back to the blog: it was 19 of us … yes a party of 19 ready to eat at this great spot! From yelling kids to indecisive adults, I’m sure our waitress was ready to go. To make matters worse, we had different checks with different people on the checks ( we tried to make it easier by doing so and it failed!). She was confused and frustrated but never for a second got an attitude or gave up. A great waitress she was!! When she fixed her mouth to apologize for the confusion, we all stated it was no need and thanked her for her patience and kindness!! In the end I decided to leave her a note and we all left a great 20% tip per check since gratuity was not added.

I tell this story to simply encourage you to never forget those in the food industry and treat them good! It’s hard putting up with people and their attitudes especially when food and money is involved! I use to be a server myself and had the privilege of dealing with some pretty rude people! It’s not the TOP career people choose however when you get a good waiter, waitress, bartender, server or host/hostess; encourage them, thank them and most important tip them good!! Remember “tips” contribute to some of their livelihood.
Now if you have a bad server, waiter, waitress, bartender; use your own judgement! I am all about kindness but awarding rudeness I am not lol …

Be good to those in customer service, it’s a hard job!! Happy Friday my loves!!


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