Valentine ideas for my Singles

heartValentine’s Day can be a hard day for those that may not have a date. Just as any holiday, Valentine’s Day can be over-the-top and a bit over-rated. Rule #1, it is just another day and it will pass. Rule #2, your day will come! Those are the rules to my sanity on a day where single awareness is magnified. Just as I posted things to do for my lovers, Below are ideas for my singles. Enjoy!

1. Take out one of your friends that may be going through a rough time. Movies, dinner or just a “girls/fellas night out”.

2. Have a party! Invite a couple of people over ( male and females) and have a nice fun night filled with games, appetizers, wine, beer and laughter. Believe me, there will be people willing to attend. Attack them early!

3. Make small gifts for friends and personally take each one to them. You never know, a simple visit could turn into a random night of conversation and fun.

4. Put in a favorite movie and order your favorite food as carry-out. Run a smooth bubble bath and RELAX. Take yourself out… Random fact: I just need some Pad Thai and “Coming to America” on DVD. Being kind to others first start with being kind to yourself!

5. Visit your nearest Nursing home and bring over some Valentine’s gifts for a couple lonely residents. Think about this… you are young and have time to find your love. There are some people who are older and may not have the time or opportunity to find their soul mate. This is a truth!

6. Look for events in your city. A lot of places are hosting happy hours and events in lieu of Valentine’s Day. Could be a great time to meet someone …

7. Put together a care package for someone who may be having a tougher time than you. Perhaps they just lost their partner or going through a bad break-up. Making another person’s day will leave you with a smile as well.

8. Organize a “Secret Valentine” with a group of friends. You can present in person over dinner or via mail. A surprise is always a great! There’s nothing wrong with giving to others and receiving at the same time!

9. Ask a person of the opposite sex out! Nothing major. No goal of match-making. Just a great date with platonic friend. Enjoy each other’s company!

Whatever you decide to do, do it for your happiness! Be positive! One day you will be on the opposite side so do not get caught up in the web of Valentine’s Day. DO NOT! The day after things are usually back to normal. Be happy for others and enjoy your night! Spread love regardless of what day it is…


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