Valentine ideas for my Singles

heartValentine’s Day can be a hard day for those that may not have a date. Just as any holiday, Valentine’s Day can be over-the-top and a bit over-rated. Rule #1, it is just another day and it will pass. Rule #2, your day will come! Those are the rules to my sanity on a day where single awareness is magnified. Just as I posted things to do for my lovers, Below are ideas for my singles. Enjoy!

1. Take out one of your friends that may be going through a rough time. Movies, dinner or just a “girls/fellas night out”.

2. Have a party! Invite a couple of people over ( male and females) and have a nice fun night filled with games, appetizers, wine, beer and laughter. Believe me, there will be people willing to attend. Attack them early!

3. Make small gifts for friends and personally take each one to them. You never know, a simple visit could turn into a random night of conversation and fun.

4. Put in a favorite movie and order your favorite food as carry-out. Run a smooth bubble bath and RELAX. Take yourself out… Random fact: I just need some Pad Thai and “Coming to America” on DVD. Being kind to others first start with being kind to yourself!

5. Visit your nearest Nursing home and bring over some Valentine’s gifts for a couple lonely residents. Think about this… you are young and have time to find your love. There are some people who are older and may not have the time or opportunity to find their soul mate. This is a truth!

6. Look for events in your city. A lot of places are hosting happy hours and events in lieu of Valentine’s Day. Could be a great time to meet someone …

7. Put together a care package for someone who may be having a tougher time than you. Perhaps they just lost their partner or going through a bad break-up. Making another person’s day will leave you with a smile as well.

8. Organize a “Secret Valentine” with a group of friends. You can present in person over dinner or via mail. A surprise is always a great! There’s nothing wrong with giving to others and receiving at the same time!

9. Ask a person of the opposite sex out! Nothing major. No goal of match-making. Just a great date with platonic friend. Enjoy each other’s company!

Whatever you decide to do, do it for your happiness! Be positive! One day you will be on the opposite side so do not get caught up in the web of Valentine’s Day. DO NOT! The day after things are usually back to normal. Be happy for others and enjoy your night! Spread love regardless of what day it is…

Valentine ideas for my Lovers

heartFour more days until Valentine’s Day or as some may scream, Single Awareness Day. Regardless of who or how you plan to celebrate your day, I am here to help you make the most out the 24 hour period. This post is for my lovers… Hello Loves, this post is all for you! These tips can be for men or women. I like thinking outside the box and going against the “norm” so I hope you enjoy some of my ideas. I have a post coming for the singles as well…. stay tuned!

1. Breakfast in the morning in bed. Yes, I said this… I am not a morning person and if your loved one knows that fact about you, they will appreciate your effort of getting up before them to cook ( or go get) breakfast for them. If your love works nights, have it ready for them when they get home!

2. Warm up your lovie’s car for them while they get ready for work. Make it really special by having their mug filled with coffee and placed in the beverage holder. Morning run to Starbucks please! ( Women, you can do this for your man 🙂

3. Start a scavenger hunt. Use post-it or notecards and place them places where your love will see them. This may take a two days of planning but I promise it is a big hit! Places can include bathroom, office, cars, parking space, desk, under mats ect… End it with a dinner

4. Hire a personal chef to cook Valentine’s Dinner or maybe a great friend with great cooking skills. Make the occasion dressy, even though you are home. Escape the dull “out to eat” idea with the crowd.

5. Double date with an older couple.YES, double date! Ask them ways they made their relationship last and get them to talk about “ol love stories”. Spend a couple of hours giving but also receiving helpful tips for your relationship

6. Flowers or Edible arrangements hand delivered by you. Surprise your hardworking mate!

7. Make a basket that contains his/her favorite things. This can include: fave candy, fave team, fave perfume/cologne, fave lip gloss, fave beer/liquor, fave snack, fave store gift card, fave pictures, fave electronic, ect… You get the idea. I say include at least 4 favorite things.

8. Write a note of “appreciation” and place in an unexpected spot.

9. Turn your room into a massage parlor and give your mate a 30-45min full body massage. I rather not know the ending to that idea but hopefully its a great one!

10. Rent a fondue machine! Buy some favorite fruits and veggies and make fondue together. Romantic!

11. For the remaining of the week, send flowers or gifts to your love either at office or have at home leading up to the day. Never too late or too early to start.

12. Repair something for your love that he or she have been needing done. Remember some people love “acts of service” and not just gifts.

13. Make a bag/box filled with words that describe your love and things you love/like about them. To make it special, include future plans and ideas.

14. Make a coupon book. Notice I said “make”! Include acts such as: “10 min massage, sunday car wash, cooked dinner Wednesday, laundry day on you” and more. If you make it, definitely honor the coupons lol

15. Ready to take the next stop?? Get a house key made for your love and wrap it in a box. Avoid a ring sized box lol

16. Are you a mother or father? Offer to babysit the kid(s) and allow your mate to go out with friends or even a couple of hours of me-time (spa, nail salon, mall…)

17. Groupon is a life-saver! Check Groupon for great ideas near you. Such ideas include pottery classes, painting classes, mystery dinner, ect… I love mystery dinners!

18. If you are a talented or creative soul, use your talent especially for your love. Create a song for them, paint a picture, sing a song, write a poem…

19. Big Spender? Book a night at a fancy hotel close by and plan a night of romance. Same city but different angle! You do not have to go out-of-town to enjoy a daycation.

20. Together, you and your love can put together a vision board for each other over wine. Perfect way to plan your future together and get tipsy at the same time. Let the good times roll!

21. Cook a nice dinner or dessert together from SCRATCH. Baking cookies or cupcakes are always my favorite. Dont be afraid to get messy with each other…make it fun! Pinterest is a great place to get a variety of recipes to help you in your process.

*** 22. Out of town for the holiday? No worries, pay for a spa day (women) or two tix to a Bball game (men) for your honey and their friend. They can still enjoy a relaxing or fun filled day without your physical presence.

Gifts, flowers and candy are always great ideas however, things that touch the heart and naturally makes a person secure in their relationship and love are always better. Try something different this year and if you have suggestions, feel free to email them to me at: or tag/hashtag on twitter and/or instagram.