Even a homeless man can teach

You never know who GOD has put in your path your life to influence you.

Isaiah 45:5-7 “I am the Lord; there’s no other God. I have equipped you for battle though you don’t even know me”

I thought about this scripture a few times over the past weeks and wanted to share with you all to be open and be careful because you never know who and what has been placed in your life for your good. I believe everyone and everything has been pre-destined. We aren’t just created out of mistake or ‘just because’ … we all have a purpose whether big or small. What you seek, is all around you if you just listen. So many of us want to give advice and be judgemental and selfish to our own needs and value that we ignore what others say. We want to voice our strong opinions on things we probably know minimum to nothing about while ignoring facts and the opinions of others. Stop! Listen! Someone may be trying to tell you something that can help your growth. Don’t place how a person look, their age or status or even their past as a marker for their value to your life. If you do, you will be missing valuable gems all around. The person you try to outsmart may not be as ignorant as you think. The homeless man you ignore may be able to tell you how to not end up like him. Be open and allow your higher power to work for your good by being open to listen rather than ignoring a person based on your thought of their value.

Happy Friday!


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