Be watchful

So I’m currently sitting in my car, feet up against the door, stuffing my face with a bo-berry biscuit just people watching and enjoying such a beautiful day. As the wind blows, my eyes are focused on the trees blowing and how beautiful and peaceful the scene. I’m noticing all the runners and children playing (why are they out of school? … nevermind).

Then … I see the funniest thing. A couple is walking towards a tea spot -man looks Asian and woman is short Caucasian. I’m looking (being nosey) just watching their mannerisms annnnnnnnd it’s clear the dude is NOT. . . I Repeat . . . Is NOT feeling the chick trying to hold his arm. He keeps his head up and walks faster while she tries to figure out where she could grab next. His arm? No. His shoulder? No. His waist ? No. She finally grabs his hand. I thought “ok maybe he’s a hand holder” and I smiled. That moment lasted 10 sec before he dropped her hand to “adjust his hat”. I busted out laughing at how slick he was. She still seemed so happy to be with him through all of this. This made me think …

Women? Why do we do this … in general? Persisting our love, our support on someone when it’s clear through actions it’s not wanted. Ofcourse he didn’t come right out and say “leave me the heck alone” but when the same affection that is given is not reciprocated, why not take the hint? True, I do not know them however, it doesn’t take a run down memory lane to form the idea to only accept what you deserve ! I say this as it compares to relationships. Even I have been on the opposite end of giving more than i received ( that is another blog for a later time😒) and I kept going and going hoping to find the right angle to fit! But what if there is no fit -circle to a square. What I saw , although it was funny, just made me think of us as humans. Be attentive of how a person is treating you, how that person makes you feel each day, and what exactly YOU deserve. If it doesn’t align, don’t be afraid to move forward to see what may be for you. It’s not always one size fit all and everybody is not for you and belong in your space -male or female.

Lesson of the day- Don’t be THAT chick. You never know who is watching …

keep Karmalized !


2 thoughts on “Be watchful

  1. Amber Williams says:

    Nothing but the truth! I love people watching and how small things can make you think. Great post honey! Keep them coming!!

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