let GO and let LIVE

Letting go can be one of the hardest things to do whether it is a damaged friendship, lost relationship or brutal past. It is something about no longer dealing with a situation, that has came apart of your being for so long, that is so hard to let go. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to hold on tight to something, GOD has another plan for you and that situation. The art of “letting go” is nothing that can be simplified. It is such a weird thing when you know deep down in your soul that something is not for you but through hopes, dreams and suffering, you decide to hold on anyway. You decide that forgiveness is too big.

How many of you have tried to run from a past that continues to haunt you regardless of what happens. Is it because you have not let it go and fully accepted the fact that who you are and what you are has been molded by that past? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the past is not meant to be forgotten but to be embraced and valued…
OR how many of us have stayed in a relationship for way too long knowing that from day one , we were doomed to have heartbreaks and pain. The suffering could have been totally unintentional on the other person’s behalf however, your paths, goals and dreams were on two different wavelengths from the start. However, We want what we want.

The art of letting go takes energy, forgiveness, strength and wisdom. You have to have the emotional energy to deal with and forgive something or someone that have wronged you. You need the wisdom to know when it is time to let go and the strength to stop holding on let go and move forward. Easier said than done, but not impossible! Trying to figure out what is holding you captive to the situation is the first step. Step two is making the decision if the situation or person is worth the struggle that may come and if there is a benefit in the end. {How does this benefit you? Will it make you happier? Will you gain or lose more? Does it alter your values? How will this affect your future? Will your life feel lighter or heavier? How bad is it need?}. The third step is the hardest… stepping out on faith and knowing you are doing the right thing for yourself and being confident in your decision. Looking back is expected but looking back does not mean going back. Memories are necessary, it paints a beautiful picture! Remember what molded you into YOU and turn it into a positive. Every thing that did not last or was not the most pleasant does not mean it did not yield a positive! Whether it includes an abusive relationship, failed love, betrayal by a friend or a mistake. Think about it… your positive could be a new found love that makes you appreciate the good in a person from your past. Or the ability to recognize signs of abuse before it happens or gets worse. It could be the gaining of a new loyal friend while losing a deceiving one. A bad situation can grow you into a teacher to lead others away from the same reckless path you visited. A abusive relationship could yield a beautiful child waiting to be taught about kindness and ready for protection. A bad situation is not always a failed one! Letting go is not always BAD!

With that being said: Learn to let GO and let LIVE!

Have a great week!!


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