His Birthday Wish …

Last Monday I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my closest male friend’s birthday. We did not go to a fancy dinner or spend money on a party. His wish for his birthday was simple… he wanted to volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte NC located on Spratt Street. As surprising as this may have been to some, I was not surprised at all. He holds a heart of gold and is ALWAYS willing to help others whether physically or emotionally.

On Monday April 7th those that were available poured into the building as it poured fiercely outside between 745a- 830a. We dedicated 4 hours to separating toiletries and wrapping opened items donated by a local Wal-Mart in Charlotte. We laughed, we played music, we talked but mostly we all gave a helping hand to a cause a lot of us knew little about before then. In the end, it was explained to us just how much giving a little of our time helped items get packaged and shipped to those that lack basic needs as toilet paper, cooking wrap, paper towels, plastic utensils and some diapers. Their goal to end hunger is extended by the distribution of grocery items to charitable events. Of course they have employees but volunteers help so much more!

Xavion’s desire to give back for his birthday landed him on this month’s spotlight!! Very proud of the man he is and had so much fun volunteering my time on Monday.

I can’t forget to add that afterwards we all rewarded our work by hitting the nearest diner for a birthday breakfast! Thank you Xavion for all you do!!! Happy Birthday to you and Way To Go!!

Volunteering for your Birthday!

This year for my birthday, I wanted to do something different. I decided to volunteer as a gift to myself. After searching for days for the perfect volunteer opportunity, I was welcomed by a health screening flyer who needed Nurses. How Awesome right? I thought “this is the perfect opportunity for me” so I jumped at the idea. Last Thursday, I gave my time and skills to conducting screenings including BMI, Blood Pressures, and HBa1c to individuals attending the famous CIAA events here in Charlotte. I gave information regarding abnormal testing (Hypertension, Pre-Diabetes, Obesity, ect) and answered questions participants had. It felt great to be out in the community educating and away from my usual environment. After I left the event, I knew the start to my birthday would be a satisfying one!

If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, I challenge you to take some time to volunteer! The feeling you get after doing something great is an amazing one. I can honestly say that it was a great jump start to an amazing birthday!