Snow day but warm hearts

Last week was an adventurous one to say the least but really showed me the good and bad side of humanity. Because of my profession as a Nurse, calling into work is not a big option for me. After a few scares, 10-15 mph driving and getting stuck under a overpass; I made it to work safely. On my way I was fortunate to meet two police officers that not only pushed my car up a hill but provided my fearful soul with words and followed me to work thereafter. Some may say this was their job however the way they helped was above and beyond. I wanted to get their names but they disappeared as soon as I pulled into the hospital. True men of distinction lol …

I stayed in the hospital for the remaining days since I had to work. I felt it was the safest thing to do for me and others. On Friday, in time for Valentine’s Day, I drove home. Highways were great but my neighborhood, not so much! What was I thinking to have thought my street would be paved. I ended up getting stuck yet again walking distance from my house. Wow ! As I tried to move back and forth, I noticed another car of a person that lived on my street stuck as well. I turned off my car and asked if they needed help ( Teamwork right?). As the two men pushed, I was in the driver seat pushing the gas. We went at it for about 10 minutes. After much determination, his car was out and he was on his way. No “thank you” to the man that helped him push or me. Crazily I thought he could help me as well but that idea disappeared along with the thought of getting at least a “Thank you”. I was confused at how people could lend a hand and he just acted as if it was expected. Nonetheless I moved forward and surprisingly two other men that saw my situation came to my rescue. They got my car out, drove my car home, held my hand as I walked through the ice AND shoveled my driveway ! All of this and expected NOTHING in return. I was so grateful for these two men! They not only saved my car but my broken spirit and exhausted body (Try staying at work for over 48 hours working… ).

Later that day, I learned that the two men had been helping people out since the snow fell through shoveling snow, pushing cars and pulling cars out of ditches. I was amazed… So I decided to give them a gift as a token of my appreciation. One of the men was a college student so I know exactly what he will like.

Lessons learned: my car will stay off icy roads from this point on. And muscle cars are wimps on icy roads. In addition, It’s amazing to have seen the ‘not so good’ side of man and end with two great souls lending their help. Talk about KindlyKarmalized…

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