Birthday love!

Friday I celebrated 28 years of living, loving, and learning the lessons of life! I enjoyed the drinks, the gifts, the food but most importantly, I was grateful for the time people gave. The older I get the more the gifts doesn’t mean as much as the time people give. Time is something so valuable that can not be given back or purchased and seems so limited. I was beyond thankful for those that came out of town just to celebrate with me and those that squeezed minutes into their schedules just to give me a hug and sing “happy birthday”. I felt so rich knowing that I had people that loved me enough to ensure I had a smile on my face for my special day. I am beyond perfect but one thing I do well is supporting my family and friends in anything they do. If I can not make it somewhere, understand there is a real reason or something have terribly gone wrong. I do this not to get it back but because I come from such a supportive family that prides themselves on “being there” for others. Of course when it is done for me, I take it a little more personal than others. My reasoning? Because time is that much valuable !! This blog is to send the message of: you never know how much you can influence a person’s day by giving of your time. A lot of people cherish your efforts more than those that give no effort at all. In society today, we move

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