Are you nice to yourself?

Happy Friday everyone!! I have to admit that I have been beyond busy the last two weeks. In transitioning to not only a new hospital but a new role in Nursing ( med/surg to critical care…YAYYY!! ), my schedule has been a little challenging. Nevertheless, I am so happy, eager and ready to learn all I need to know in order to be a great Nurse to my critical patients.

Ironically for the last 2.5 weeks, I have been pounded with the message of not being “too hard on yourself and loving yourself”. I am known for being too hard on myself in situations, not because I think less than highly of myself but because I strive for the best and always want to be #1. I am the first to admit, I can be competitive at times! When I don’t reach a certain goal or obtain a certain reward, I think of things I could have done better and beat myself up. The older I get, the more I see this as a flaw in myself.
So, in orientation 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the director of pastoral services at my new hospital that gave a great speech about being good to others as well as ourselves. He talked about how we have millions of thoughts daily and majority of them are negative thoughts against ourselves. He gave examples of how when we first wake up and look in the mirror we say to ourselves “Boy,do you look a mess”. Then it continues to “I look fat in this outfit” and “I’m running late, how could I have been so dumb to oversleep”. When you really think about all the things we say to ourselves, we can be unkind at times. Not intentionally but we are our worse critics. If someone states they have Never done any of this, I would probably be concerned.

He gave us an exercise to do where he held one participant’s arm out and started pushing down on his arm. Of course the person was strong and able to push back with ease. Then he told the person to repeat “I am weak,I am weak” 30 times in which the person did. After the negative repetition, he tried again to push his arm and crazy enough, he was unable to push back as strong as before. Such a simple exercise showed just how thoughtful I can be to others but how mean we can be to ourselves. Of course, we all have times where we praise ourselves internally and externally but for the most part on a daily basis we can constantly find things wrong with ourselves without even realizing it. YES, I am guilty of this! If perfect was possible, I would be in the running for it! He then talked about just doing simple things to others by saying “hello” when you pass a person or giving a smile to a person walking towards you. How many times have we avoided a look from a person by looking down on our cellphones in order to not speak. Lets all admit our guilt! You never know how a person could yearn for just a smile!
I internally thanked the presenter for sharing such great words and exercise and wanted to personally thank him however just as fast as he came in, he left before I could break out. I plan to look up his name in our company directory and send a anonymous “thank you” card soon!

With all that you have read, I have decided to do two things. One of these things is something I usually do but have not had the chance. I usually post positive messages in my bathroom for myself and place them on my mirror. Unfortunately, since I have moved into my place a couple months ago, I have failed to post anything. I will definitely do this, this weekend.
My FIRST challenge to you is …. POST something good and positive about yourself as we reminder. Whether on a refrigerator, in a closet, in your bathroom mirror, or somewhere secure like in a book or work bag. It could be anything from ” I am beautiful and loved by many” or “I am Awesome and beyond blessed!”. Whatever works for you, make it work!!

Second challenge , do something for yourself! Whether it is buying a new outfit, getting a manicure/pedicure combo ( my favorite), taking yourself out to dinner or something inexpensive like making a bubble bath and relaxing. As long as you schedule out a moment and do something for yourself in the next couple of days. No one can love you better than YOU!

Enjoy the challenge and I will post my own a long with another challenge I have coming soon. Remember to follow my Instagram for updates!
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March Spotlight: The Courseaults

It’s March and this month’s highlight goes to some people that are near and dear to my heart, The Courseaults!! I first met Brittany Courseault in 2004 during dance tryouts at our college and later strengthened our relationship in 2007 as we entered into the wonderful sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha! Needless to say, she has been my creative and sensible, bossy yet beyond caring sister ever since! She married her high school sweetie, Jason, in the summer of 2012. Their union has been an inspiration and true testament of love, support, and strength!

Last night, I was so happy when she told me that along with her brilliant husband, they put together blessing bags to be handed out to those that were homeless in town. Such an AMAZING idea!! In the bag they included: lotion, wipes, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap, deodorant, and snacks along with a bottled water. To top it off, they hand wrote a small scripture on the front of the bag. My eyes burned with tears when I saw this and was instantly overjoyed! This couple, who are celebrating Mardi Gras presently in Louisiana took time out their schedules to make and hand out these bags to those who are less fortunate. This idea is definitely one I will be doing this month.

Thank you Courseaults for not only our MONTH challenge BUT our FIRST ever challenge!
We have about 25 days this month to complete the challenge!! Team up, make those blessing bags and let’s get Kindly Karmalized!!!

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Snow day but warm hearts

Last week was an adventurous one to say the least but really showed me the good and bad side of humanity. Because of my profession as a Nurse, calling into work is not a big option for me. After a few scares, 10-15 mph driving and getting stuck under a overpass; I made it to work safely. On my way I was fortunate to meet two police officers that not only pushed my car up a hill but provided my fearful soul with words and followed me to work thereafter. Some may say this was their job however the way they helped was above and beyond. I wanted to get their names but they disappeared as soon as I pulled into the hospital. True men of distinction lol …

I stayed in the hospital for the remaining days since I had to work. I felt it was the safest thing to do for me and others. On Friday, in time for Valentine’s Day, I drove home. Highways were great but my neighborhood, not so much! What was I thinking to have thought my street would be paved. I ended up getting stuck yet again walking distance from my house. Wow ! As I tried to move back and forth, I noticed another car of a person that lived on my street stuck as well. I turned off my car and asked if they needed help ( Teamwork right?). As the two men pushed, I was in the driver seat pushing the gas. We went at it for about 10 minutes. After much determination, his car was out and he was on his way. No “thank you” to the man that helped him push or me. Crazily I thought he could help me as well but that idea disappeared along with the thought of getting at least a “Thank you”. I was confused at how people could lend a hand and he just acted as if it was expected. Nonetheless I moved forward and surprisingly two other men that saw my situation came to my rescue. They got my car out, drove my car home, held my hand as I walked through the ice AND shoveled my driveway ! All of this and expected NOTHING in return. I was so grateful for these two men! They not only saved my car but my broken spirit and exhausted body (Try staying at work for over 48 hours working… ).

Later that day, I learned that the two men had been helping people out since the snow fell through shoveling snow, pushing cars and pulling cars out of ditches. I was amazed… So I decided to give them a gift as a token of my appreciation. One of the men was a college student so I know exactly what he will like.

Lessons learned: my car will stay off icy roads from this point on. And muscle cars are wimps on icy roads. In addition, It’s amazing to have seen the ‘not so good’ side of man and end with two great souls lending their help. Talk about KindlyKarmalized…

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