Half way there… 10 Days Of Happiness!

Good early morning!! We are halfway finish with the ” 10 Days of Happiness” challenge. I can honestly say that pointing out things that makes me happy have given me a moment to take in a smile or two and a appreciation of all I have. It’s such a breath of fresh sir!! I’m thankful I decided to do this!!! I have a couple people just jumping on to the challenge. With that said, I will be going as long as it takes for everyone to finish. I have also been thinking about extending it to “30 days of happiness”. I truly needed this … I feel all of us need it! Every day will not be the greatest but we can always appreciate a moment of happiness!
Simplicity to say the least …

I hope everyone continues to take it in and help with this challenge. Some of my closest friends and sorority sisters have started and EACH time I see a post, I smile!! Thanks for the support and love people!! Let’s finish the challenge out strong!!

#keepkarmalized 🙂

10 Days of happiness… Can you be happy for 10 days??

By now you all should know I do some of my best thinking late night/early mornings. So at approximately 4:49a, I’m wide eyed, thoughts flowing and ready to bring it!

I recently heard about a project going on called “100 days of happiness”. A couple people I know on Instagram decided to participate and have been doing a great job at posting things that makes them happy. Not exactly sure when it started but I did see that a day in March was allocated as “Happiness Day”. How nice!! … So looking through pictures and reading, I thought how cool it would be to do my own thing. My own “happiness project”

With the past couple weeks being challenging, I’m always up for a great challenge!! Im ALWAYS down for anything to relieve stress, smile more, laugh loudly and make you forget life’s little hiccups. Sooooo I decided to challenge myself to “10 days of happiness” !!! We all can forget how simple it can be to have happiness in a chaotic world. Not only do we forget to be kind (as I preach) but we can also forget how great it feels to genuinely be happy. We forget how a funny joke or convo can turn a frown to a smile or just how something as simple as an “Oreo milkshake with extra extra Oreos” can make our night that much better (Yes that was very specific but at least you know one thing that makes me happy lol).

With that being said, I will be doing my own “10 days of happiness”. I urge whoever reading to take a moment each day for 10 days and do something that makes you happy regardless how small. Post them to your IG and @me at @kindlykarmalized so I can see. I may feature your post 🙂 … I know we are ALL busy but let’s do something as simple as this … I will definitely be posting my “simple things” to my IG account so please follow and support!!

Thank you all in advance. Let’s post “10 days of happiness”. Start date: Today, May 5, 2014 aka Cinco De Mayo, how convenient!! Let’s goo!!

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#keepkarmalized #10DaysOfHappiness

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